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Medicare Commercials!

Medicare Commercials! When you turn your television on to watch your favorite show or catch the news, you more than likely have viewed commercials featuring Joe Namath and J.J. Walker.   These two celebrities can be seen daily advertising products that revolve around Medicare.   Both Namath and Walker are encouraging you to call a toll-free number [...]

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Still Working at Age 65? Do You Need to Sign Up for Medicare?

Working at Age 65 and Medicare You are generally eligible for Medicare at age 65, with an enrollment window leading up to your 65th birthday.  This enrollment opportunity begins three months prior to your birthday month and ends three months afterwards. Signing up for Medicare on time can help you avoid penalties. If you are [...]

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Shingles Vaccination and Medicare

Shingles Vaccine Does Medicare Cover the Shingles Vaccine? Beginning January 2023, Part D plans must include most commercially available vaccines on their formularies. This includes the vaccine for shingles. The only exceptions are flu, pneumonia, hepatitis B, and COVID-19 vaccinations. These vaccines are covered by Medicare Part B.  All Medicare-covered vaccines should be free to you. [...]

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Medicare Premiums – 2023

Medicare Premiums: IRMAA 2023 The Medicare Part B premium will be $164.90 for 2023.  That is a slight decrease from the 2022 monthly premium of $170.10.  The Part B deductible will also see a decrease.  The deductible will drop from $233 to $226. Most Medicare beneficiaries will pay a monthly premium of $164.90 for [...]

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My Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Rate is Going Up – What Can I Do? 

My Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Rate is Going Up – What Can I Do?  Our clients frequently ask questions regarding Medicare supplement (Medigap) rate. Clients often want to know if their monthly premium will increase.  Unfortunately, the answer is yes.     Premiums will increase over time due to factors such as rising health care costs and inflation. [...]

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Still Going Strong

Mr. Ricky Credille: Still Going Strong Ricky Credille has been and continues to be a staple in the insurance business.  His niche revolves around products and services that relate to Medicare. Recently, he had a client come by his office in Belmont to congratulate him on his retirement. Both she and Ricky laughed when she [...]

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