Medicare Deductible and Medicare Costs in 2023

PART A (Hospital)

  • Inpatient Hospital Stay – You Pay….. (benefit period ends 60 days after release from care)
    • Medicare Deductible: $1,600 per benefit period
    • Coinsurance (days 1-60): $0 per day of each benefit period
    • Coinsurance (days 61-90): $400 per day of each benefit period
    • Coinsurance (60 lifetime reserve days): $800 per day after day 90 of each benefit period
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Stay – You Pay….. (3-day inpatient hospital stay required first)
    • Coinsurance (days 1-20): $0 per day of each benefit period
    • Coinsurance (days 21-100): $200 per day of each benefit period
  •  You will pay a $226 deductible before Original Medicare starts to pay. This deductible is once each year.
  • Generally, your cost (coinsurance)  will be 20% after the $226 Medicare deductible is met.
  • Those enrolled in Medicare Part B will pay the premiums listed in the table below (based on income).
  • Higher income earners will pay Part B IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount).
  • Higher income earners enrolled in Part D (Prescription Drug coverage) also pay a Part D IRMAA.
  • Your Medicare Part B premiums are based on your tax return from 2 years prior.
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