Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

(For Individuals Currently Enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan)

January 1st through March 31st

The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP) gives you the opportunity to enroll in another Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plan or go back to Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B). Normally, you can only make a change one time during OEP.

Medicare OEP is different from the enrollment period in the fall.  Anyone that is Medicare eligible may make changes during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).  October 15th through December 7th is the time frame for AEP.  The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is only for individuals that are enrolled in an Advantage Plan.

MEDICARE OEP Overview and Timeline

  • Enrollment dates: January 1st  –  March 31st
  • Who can participate: Only individuals already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan as of January 1st.
  • What options do you have:
    • Enroll in a different Medicare Advantage plan (Part C), with or without drug coverage.
    • Go back to Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), and if needed, add a Medicare Part D plan.
  • When will the new plan begin:  The following month of the enrollment request.  If a person completes an application in January, the new plan will begin February 1st.

Deciding Your Best Coverage Option During OEP

The opportunity to change your coverage and select the right plan is important.  If you are having trouble deciding between different Advantage Plans or switching back to Original Medicare, review this helpful hyperlink that compares Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.