The Medicare Part D

Enrollment in a Medicare Part D plan allows you the ability to purchase your prescription drugs at a pharmacy.  Beneficiaries commonly refer to this coverage as their “Drug Plan”.  You will have several choices to select from for your Medicare Part D coverage.

Formulary List

Each prescription plan has a list of medications that they cover.  This list of covered prescriptions are commonly known as formulary lists.  Medications on a plan’s formulary list are rated and placed in a tiered type system.

Each company will assign a number to each covered medication. For the most part, the lower the number, the cheaper the medication.  Most plans have a rating system from tier 1 to tier 5.  A few plans have a six tier system.


Medication can be classified/rated differently by Medicare Part D drug plans.  Crestor is a medication prescribed for high cholesterol  This medication  may be rated a tier 2 prescription by a Plan’s formulary, but it may be considered a tier 1 on another Plan’s formulary.

The Medicare Part D drug plan that rated Crestor as a tier 2 prescription drug would cost more than the Medicare Part D drug plan that rated Crestor as a tier 1 prescription.

Assisting Our Clients

We have extensive experience with helping our clients select the appropriate Medicare Part D drug plan.  Our goal is to assist all clients with finding the drug plan that covers their medications under a lower tier in order for the medications to be more affordable.

If you have any questions concerning your current prescription drug coverage, please give us a call at 1-877-756-9005. Also, be sure to check the overview of Medicare by clicking HERE. If you prefer to view a holistic side-by-side Medigap plan overview head over to Medicare site by clicking HERE!