Do I Need to Enroll in Social Security to Receive Medicare Coverage?

Can you receive Medicare benefits without Social Security? You sure can! Medicare and Social Security are connected in several ways, but they are not one in the same.

You may think that in order to begin Medicare you must start your Social Security benefits. That is not the case. Beginning your Medicare benefits without starting your Social Security benefits is always an option. You do NOT have to enroll in Social Security to start you Medicare benefits.

Social Security Benefits

Receiving your Social Security benefits may start as early as age 62.  You may also choose to wait all the way up until you turn you 70 years of age. The earlier you decide to begin your Social Security, the less you will receive in monthly benefits.  Of course, the longer you wait, the more you will receive in monthly benefits.

Starting Your Medicare Benefit

You cannot begin your Medicare until you are 65.  Some individuals are able to enroll in Medicare earlier. This is due to meeting a required disability qualifier(s).  If you make the decision to begin your Social Security before age 65, you will still have to wait until age 65 to receive Medicare.

For most people the “magic” number to begin Medicare is age 65.  Still working at age 65?  You may want to delay your Medicare and keep your health insurance through your employer. This is something that you can do in certain situations.  Click HERE for more information on working past 65 and health insurance.