How Do I Apply For Medicare?

You may apply for Medicare online in less than 10 minutes. You simply fill out the online application to enroll in Medicare. Apply for Medicare at   Social Security will review and process your application.  If any additional information is needed, Social Security will contact you.

If you aren’t comfortable completing the application online, you may contact your local Social Security office. To find the address and telephone number type in your zip code at Local Office Finder.

Who Can Sign Up for Medicare?

In most situations, individuals turning age 65 may apply for Medicare.  There are some disabilities that qualify an individual to enroll in Medicare sooner.  Someone with permanent kidney failure is an example of a health condition that would allow early enrollment.

You may have delayed enrolling in Medicare because you were still working and had insurance through your employer.  If you are retiring or your coverage is ending, you may apply for your Medicare benefits. You will need to complete a couple of additional forms due to delaying your Medicare. You may access those two required forms by clicking – Form CMS 40B and Form CMS L574.