Medicare Part D Extra Help

Medicare Part D Extra Help is a federal program that lowers your Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) premiums and lowers the cost of your prescriptions. You may qualify if you have limited income and assets.

Extra Help Eligibility/Qualifications

  • Your monthly income falls into a certain range and your assets are below specified limits, you may be eligible for Extra Help.
  • Even if your income or assets are above the eligibility limits, you could still qualify for Extra Help because certain types of income and assets may not have to be counted.
  • If you have Medicaid or receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) you should automatically qualify and receive Part D Extra Help.
  • When completing your application – You Do NOT count your home, vehicles, personal possessions, life insurance, burial plots, irrevocable burial contracts or back payments from Social Security or SSI.

Extra Help Benefits

  • Pays for your monthly Part D premium up to a certain amount.
  • Lowers your cost for prescriptions.
  • Allows you to make changes once per quarter during the first 9 months of the year. You can change plans up to 3 times.  You have what is called a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) because of the Extra Help.
  • You can’t be charged a Part D late enrollment penalty if you delayed your Part D.

How to apply for Extra Help

It’s free to apply for Extra Help.  There are 3 ways you may apply for Part D Extra Help.

  1. Apply online by visiting
  2. Call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 to apply by phone or get a paper application mailed to you.
  3. Make an appointment at your local Social Security Office. To find the address and/or telephone number to your local office visit FIND MY LOCAL OFFICE.