You might be satisfied with your current Medicare Supplement plan. Even though you are satisfied, there are some situations where you think “I might want to change my Medicare plan.” Here is one example:

  • You found a Medicare Supplement plan for a lower monthly premium and thought “How can I change my Medicare?”

Medicare Supplement plans with the same lettered name have the same basic benefits no matter where you buy the plan. For example, every Medicare Supplement Plan G has the same benefits. If you have Medicare Supplement Plan G with Manhattan Life, and you see a Medicare Supplement Plan G with Aetna, the benefits will be the same. Medicare Supplements are federally regulated. This means that Medicare Supplement Plan G is the same regardless of which company is your carrier. This is true for all letter plans. The same letter Medicare Supplement plan has the same coverage regardless of the company.

A great feature of Medicare Supplement plans is that you can apply anytime. You will have to answer a few underwriting questions as part of the application process. Remember, you can “shop” your Medicare Supplement ALL year long. Don’t pay more than you should for coverage. If you have any questions concerning your current coverage, please give us a call toll free at 1-877-756-9005. You may also call our Belmont Office at 662-454-9800 or our Tupelo Office at 662-269-8833.